Family Law Hub

This web site describes the ways in which you can sort out your separation and divorce. The routes to settlement are described with pros, cons, cost estimates, and probable time scales together with legal aid availability (or not).

If a non court process fails and court proceedings are required this web site shows you alternative settlement routes.

Once you have chosen a preferred route to settlement then you will be given a list of people offering this service with links to their web sites.

What's New

  • Nov
    This week marks the start of Good Divorce Week 2016. This is not the contradiction in terms that it may first seem, but is about sending a message that divorce doesn’t have to be full of conflict, and that the role of lawyers can be to help families separate in a positive way.Read More
  • Nov
    Resolution’s third Family Dispute Resolution Week will take place on 24-28 November this year. This awareness raising week aims to highlight the alternatives to Court for separating couples and their families.Read More